Livelihood Program

  Lighting Up PNG Project

Kids with solar lightsThe Kokoda Track Foundation provides solar lights – a total of more than 4,500 lights. Solar energy has many benefits for communities and helps to alleviate poverty, improve health and enhance educational opportunities for children. Communities are provided with a source of light that is changing lives. Read more


Resilient Kai Kai Project

Zuccini from agricultureKTF is continuing agriculture and food resilience projects that assist local communities with food security. Our teams distribute improved and more robust crop varieties and conduct training with villagers that enable them to grow food in water-logged soil. Read more




Emergency Response Project

disaster reliefKTF responds to natural disasters as they happen in Central and Oro Provinces. For example, in January 2013 KTF responded to severe flooding that submerged and destroyed the agricultural lands. KTF arranged the delivery of emergency food supplies to communities during the crucial post flood period when community lands were not producing food. Read more


Clean Water Infrastructure Project

Clean Zater InfrastructureKokoda Track Foundation knows that access to clean water is a major development priority for the communities that we work with. While clean water is accessible in the mountains, other areas in Oro Province e.g. Northern Beaches and around Kokoda Station only have access to contaminated sources. We've been working with communities to change this by installing 'tuffa' rainwater tanks. Read more


Kou Kou Community Hall

Koukou Community HallThe community hall is being used for a range of purposes such as a homework club for students, a travelling and outreach library, a pre-school class and a venue for teacher and microbusiness training. We continue to use the hall to train and graduate new elementary teachers until the completion of the Kokoda College. Find out more



Krappers For Kokoda Project

krappers for KokodaThe Krappers for Kokoda project installs eco-toilets in schools and communities. These toilets protect the waterways and provide children and teachers with improved sanitation facilities. They also provide gender-specific sanitation options for children at the schools. Read more



Sustainable Tourism Project

Plane for touristsKokoda Track Foundation funded and prepared a Strategic Plan for Tourism for the Kokoda Track. The plan focuses on the environmental, economic, social and cultural aspects of tourism development. We now partner with key groups to ensure appropriate implementation of the plan and to ensure that local communities benefit from the growing trekking industry. Read more