Condition Along The Track

Val Gardner smokingThe Kokoda Track began with gentle slopes from Buna on the coast through to the Kokoda valley. Then it crumpled and folded into excruciatingly steep ridges, plunging to even deeper valleys, as it progressed through Deniki, Isurava, Eora Creek, Templeton’s Crossing, Kagi, Efogi, Menari, Naoro, Ioribaiwa, Imita Ridge and Ower’s Corner where it joined a primitive vehicle road leading to the coastal plains of Port Moresby.

On many parts of the Track, gradients were so steep that the heavily-burdened soldiers were reduced to staggering up them a few metres at a time. Much of the Track was covered by a canopy of dense rainforest, dripping with moss and leeches and, after each energy-sapping climb, the troops would jolt their way down to rocky creek beds and mosquito-infested swamps. Constant tropical downpours and searing heat and humidity meant the soldiers were almost permanently wet. Then, at night, temperatures would plummet at the higher altitudes.

Even with these terrible conditions the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels managed to help out the Australian Diggers, find out more about What We Do to recognise this contribution and support the future of PNG.

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