Education Program

'Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel' Scholarships Project

fuzzy wuzzy angel scholarship studentsKTF supports over 450 elementary, primary, secondary and tertiary students via scholarships. The scholarships cover students’ tuition fees, educational resources, uniforms, food, and boarding (where applicable). Scholarships are awarded to students for their schooling life and make an enormous difference to families struggling to pay school fees in PNG. 

Kokoda College Project

Kokoda CollegeIn 2014 we continue with our flagship project - the construction and opening of the Kokoda College. Already in its first stage of construction, the Kokoda College will be a state-of-the-art training facility based in Kou Kou village. It will offer courses in Elementary & Primary Teaching and Community Health Work. There is a lack of training facilities throughout PNG and the Kokoda College is already becoming a beacon of hope for the region and the nation. >> Read more >>

Teacher Training project

Elementary TeacherLocal primary and elementary teachers are urgently needed for schools situated in many communities. In partnership with the PNG Education authorities, KTF has trained 56 elementary teachers in the Certificate of Elementary Teaching, and is also supporting members of the communities along the track to train as primary teachers via the PNG Diploma of Primary Teaching. These teachers will return to their home villages to operate the schools after they have graduated. >> Read more >>

Teacher Salary Incentives Project

Teacher Sullivan

The Foundation also supports elementary teachers via its Teacher Salary Incentives project. This initiative, established in 2011, ensures elementary schools along the Kokoda Track remain open. In 2014, the Foundation is supporting 25 qualified elementary teachers. >> Read more >>


School Resource and Infrastructure Support Project

Furniture distributionIn 2014, we continue to support 43 elementary, primary and secondary schools with vital educational resources and infrastructure support. Each of our schools are supported with a range of resources including textbooks and library books, stationeries, teacher resources, furniture, and general maintenance for classrooms.
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Archer Leadership Scholars Project

Archer leadership scholar richardThis year, the Foundation is also continuing its Archer Leadership Scholars project. Funded by the Fred P. Archer Charitable Trust, this exciting scholarship is the first of its kind in PNG. It is awarded annually to six exceptional tertiary students from across PNG who have demonstrated exceptional academic abilities, promising leadership skills and a desire to go on to future leadership roles in PNG. >> Read more >>

Bisset Medal Project

Bisset medalEvery year, the Foundation awards the Bisset Medal to the top student graduating from the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel Scholarship Project. Named after Stan & Butch Bisset, Bisset Medal winners are supported with their university tuition and boarding fees, food and living allowances, a school resource allowance, mentoring, and an exchange program to Australia. >> Read more >>